This one never ever gets old and is an absolute must-see. Young Audrey? Gregory Peck? Rome? Yes pleeeeease. (I won’t lie, finding a huge Roman Holiday poster in the Vatican City in 2019 was almost as exciting for me as touring the Sistine Chapel. No offense to Michelangelo or anything.) It amazes me, though, that this was the only movie for which Audrey received an Oscar—personally, I think her work in The Nun’s Story or Wait Until Dark was much more deserving of recognition, but leave it to Audrey to win an Oscar with her first lead role. And speaking of Oscars, Audrey allegedly misplaced hers in the ladies’ room just minutes after receiving it in 1953, which is quite possibly the best thing ever.

I recently learned that Gregory Peck and Audrey were approached with the idea of making a sequel to Roman Holiday in the 1970s, but it never came to fruition. (Are you KIDDING me? Instead, we have Bloodline, of all things, rather than a sequel to one of Audrey’s greatest movies—which could have given us closure for our broken hearts with an ending a la Notting Hill instead of one a la La La Land.) This is truly a loss to be mourned.