So here’s the deal. Monte Carlo Baby was filmed in two languages with two separate casts, with Audrey being the only repeated cast member (because she was amazing and fluent in both English and French, so why not use her for both, right?). The movie is also known as Baby Beats the Band, We Will All Go to Monte Carlo, and Nous irons a Monte-Carlo. And yet it’s nearly impossible to find anymore, which was ridiculously frustrating during the project because the movie represents a significant turning point in Audrey’s career (the French writer Colette allegedly discovered Audrey while on the set of Monte Carlo Baby and insisted that Audrey be cast as the lead in the Broadway production of Colette’s Gigi, which ultimately led to Audrey being cast in Roman Holiday). At the beginning of the project, when I was still feeling fresh and ambitious, I vowed to watch both versions of the film, but when it came down to it, I was barely able to eventually track down even one. The hunt postponed the whole project for a good 6-8 months since I stubbornly insisted on watching all of the movies in chronological order, which subsequently prevented me from rewatching Roman Holiday before my own Roman holiday in June 2019. UGH.

The only good thing to come out of this absolute SCANDAL was that my sweet, softhearted father scoured the dark web to help me find a way to watch at least one of the versions and found my current favorite trusty and reliable (and probably illegal) Russian website that has a) no porn pop-ups, b) no computer viruses (I mean, it’s been 8 months now…knock on wood), and c) literally every single movie ever created, even—and especially—oldies. Which is how I came to watch Nous irons a Monte-Carlo (the French version of Monte Carlo Baby—alas, even my go-to sketchy Russian website was not equipped with the English version) and realized that my high school French just won’t cut it in the real world because I had absolutely no idea what was going on during that whole movie. It was almost as bad as watching Dutch in 7 Lessons.