It was at some point during my Christmas-break-induced Audrey film spree (back when I was trying to finish the last 20 movies in a month. Ha.) that I remembered the title Mayerling—and my heart immediately dropped to my stomach. I’d somehow missed it when I wrote out my master list. So yes, it’s all a lie, I didn’t watch them all chronologically. What an utter waste. This film is obscure but historically significant because it was one of only two in which Audrey and Mel Ferrer starred together (the other being War and Peace, which wasn’t their first introduction—they had also starred in the Broadway play “Ondine” together, for which Audrey won her Tony. Audrey was involved with Billy Holden then, but quickly became engaged to Ferrer after her split from Holden). It’s also based on the true story of the suicide of the Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria.