I will be the first to admit that watching this was an incredibly stupid idea, considering the fact it’s yet another thriller and that at the time of viewing, I had just moved into a new, unfamiliar apartment and had exactly zero roommates. Let’s just say hands have never been sweatier after finishing a movie.

Bloodline was directed by Terence Young, the same director of Wait Until Dark. (Audrey was considered for the role because of her work in Wait Until Dark and Charade.) I didn’t realize until I got to this movie that it’s rated R, but I couldn’t just not watch it, because that would defeat the purpose of this whole project, so I skipped quite a few scenes and was consequently a bit lost throughout the whole movie. I had to skip so much of the movie that I never really understood what the snuff films had to do with anything, or what the real motivation behind the murders was/why the murderer ended up being that particular person. According to the article “The Secret Bloodline of Audrey Hepburn” in Slant Magazine, this film “… was made during the dispiriting close of her second marriage…and she turned to it in some desperation, not realizing until halfway through shooting that there was going to be an interpolated snuff film subplot! She wanted to walk, understandably, but she honored her contract, to the dismay of her fans and admirers.” I have to agree with the critics on this one—Audrey was just way too classy to have appeared in a film like this.